2014 PRSA-LA Committees

Volunteer service on a committee is reserved for members in good-standing with PRSA National and the LA Chapter. It’s a great way to get involved, help the chapter and meet PR colleagues and prospective clients.

To learn more, please contact the Committee Chairperson listed below for the 2014 Committee that interests you. If you are not yet a PRSA-LA member, click here for membership information.





Chair: Denis Wolcott, APR (denis@prsala.org)

Members: Sallie Olmsted, APR (sallie@prsala.org); Rebecca Mikkelsen, APR (rebecca@prsala.org); Julie Battaglia (jdbattaglia@sbcglobal.net)

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Identify potential members and develop/implement an outreach plan for each area of concentration (big/small agencies, independent practitioners, young professionals, etc.).
  • Work with the Newsletter and PR & Marketing committees to advertise PRSA membership promotions.
  • Plan and stage a prospective member reception.
  • Reach out to new members, help them feel welcome, identify interests and encourage active participation. Committee members will be responsible for personal phone calls to new members, meeting them at monthly programs and introducing them to others.


Independent Practitioners Alliance (IPA)

Co-Chairs: Charlie Gu (charlie@prsala.org); Angelica Urquijo (angelica@prsala.org)

Members: Margot Black (margot@blackinkpr.com)

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Organize programs and resources to provide a forum for independent practitioners to network, share business concepts and resources, build joint business opportunities, develop ideas and offer general support.


Senior Roundtable

Co-Chairs: Stefan Pollack (stefan@prsala.org); Susan Tellem, APR (Susan@tellemgrodypr.com); Denis Wolcott, APR (denis@prsala.org)

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Develop the chapter’s renewed senior roundtable group
  • Recruit group members
  • Plan and produce group events



Co-Chairs: Charlie Gu (charlie@prsala.org); Angelica Urquijo (angelica@prsala.org)

HPRA Liaison: Stephen Chavez (Stephen@chavezmc.com)

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Build Board/Chapter commitment to multicultural and diverse programming and policies.
  • Track and report multicultural diversity at all levels of engagement and make recommendations to the board.
  • Plan and coordinate one dynamic multicultural/diversity program during the course of the year.



Chair:  Rebecca Mikkelsen, APR (rebecca@prsala.org)

Members: Denis Wolcott, APR(denis@prsala.org); Keith Pillow, APR (keith@prsala.org), Erica Reynolds Desjardins, APR

The Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) program is open to those with at least five years of professional, full-time PR experience. APR is earned by passing written and oral examinations that test competence in and knowledge of the public relations field.

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Promote APR participation, mentor candidates, serve on readiness review panels, find locations and coordinate logistics and materials for preparation classes.



Chair: Dennis Kaiser (dennis@prsala.org)

Members: Peter Hidalgo, APR (peter@prsala.org); Eric Moses (eric@prsala.org); Stefan Pollack (stefan@prsala.org)

The Advocacy/Ethics committee seeks to demonstrate the leadership role of PRSA-LA by projecting a clear, consistent voice on issues impacting our profession.

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Enhance awareness among business and government leaders of the important role public relations plays in our region.
  • Ensure PRSA-LA contributes to public discourse on issues that affect the PR profession


Young Professionals

Board Liaison: Jade Stevens, President PRSA YP, (jadestevens@lagrant.com)


Chair: Holly Ferris (holly@prsala.org)

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate, plan and guide activities of numerous PRSSA chapters throughout the Southern California region.





Chair / Editor:  Philip Sokoloski (philip@prsala.org)

Co-Chair / Copywriter:  Andrew Hindes ( andrew@theinhousewriter.com)

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Create a monthly electronic newsletter highlighting chapter activities and news.
  • Solicit and/or write articles and develop/compile other newsletter content


Web Site

Co-Chairs: Philip Sokoloski (philip@prsala.org); Clint Schaff (clint@prsala.org)

Webmaster: Brian Wold ( bw@brianwold.com)

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Work with the Board, Executive Director and Webmaster to make recommendations to improve PRSA-LA’s website and institute appropriate new media initiatives to serve PRSA-LA’s members, recruit new members and inform website visitors of chapter activities.


Social Media

Chair: Clint Schaff (clint@prsala.org)

Members: Victoria Green (v.green@mail.com); Kimberly Tronic (kimberlytronic@gmail.com); Dennis Kaiser (dennis@prsala.org)

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Promote Chapter activities, membership and positive awareness of PRSA-LA via major social media channels.
  • Post and share chapter-related information and join the conversation to promote greater engagement with members, the PR community in Southern California and beyond.


Public Relations & Marketing

Chair: Joe Marchelewski (jmarchelewski@shernoff.com)

Members: Open

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Create and implement a PR and marketing plan to promote the Chapter and its programs.
  • Identify industry and general interest media outlets and key influencers to promote PRSA-LA activities
  • Write and distribute news releases and pitch PRSA-LA as a local source for information on stories related to PR/marketing
  • Act as liaison to the newsletter and website committees; ensure photos are taken at events and made available to these committees.
  • Publicize chapter activities and member accomplishments





Chairs: Peter Hidalgo (peter@prsala.org)

Members: Angelica Urquijo (angelica@prsala.org); Rita Tateel (rita@prsala.org); Mindy Carson Brundige (mindy@prsala.org)

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Review chapter sponsorship guidelines and make recommendations to the board
  • Identify sponsorship needs for various programs/chapter activities.
  • Develop and implement a plan to identify potential sponsors
  • Solicit and pursue sponsorship opportunities; coordinate fulfillment.


Referral (Agency/Practitioner) Directory

Board Liaison:  Mindy Carson Brundige (mindy@prsala.org)

Chair: Open

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement a plan to promote the Directory, solicit listings/ads and follow up as needed.


PRism Awards Call For Entries/Judging

Co-Chairs: Eric Moses (eric@prsala.org) and Erik Deutsch (erik@prsala.org)

Members: Open

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate the Awards solicitation, including production and distribution of “Call for Entries” materials,
  • Follow up with appropriate agencies/companies and inform finalists.
  • Liaison with PRism Awards Show committee as needed.
  • Convene to review and judge award entries from another PRSA chapter (which in turn judges our PRSA-LA PRism Awards entries).


PRism Awards Show

Board Liaison: Mindy Carson Brundige ( mindy@prsala.org)

Chair: Stephan Roth (stephan@prsala.org)

Co-Chairs: Natascha French (natascha@prsala.org); Jackie Chase (jchase@prsala.org); Warner Boutin (warner.boutin@businesswire.com)

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Plan and coordinate all logistics related to the PRisms Awards show, including producing event invitations, design and printing the program, securing PRSSA student volunteers, recruiting presenters and producing appropriate signage.
  • Conduct follow up calls to finalists and sponsors who have not RSVPd; ensure all sponsors’ banner ads and links are collected and added to website.


PRism Special Awards

Chair: Stefan Pollack (stefan@prsala.org)

Members: Shari Mesulam (shari@prsala.org); Warner Boutin (warner.boutin@businesswire.com)




Don Perkins Grant

Chair: Kristin Wood (kristin@prsala.org)

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Create notification packet and send to non-profit organization prospects.
  • Review applicants, determine winner and follow up with grant recipient for final report on how the grant funds were used.
  • Work with Sponsorship Committee to identify potential grant sponsors and solicit funds.


Trevett Award

Chair: Kerry Sinclair (kerry@prsala.org);

YP Chair: (Open)

Committee: Mindy Brundige

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Manage the process to promote scholarship award bestowed to YP professionals
  • Process applications, select panel of judges, manage judging process, coordinate trophy order, etc.




At Breakfast With…

Co-Chairs: Alfredo Padilla (alfredo@prsala.org); Raul Gordillo (raul@prsala.org)

Members:  Marisa Jimenez, Javier Mendoza

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Develop and coordinate topics and manage logistics for five ABW programs throughout the year.
  • Secure media panelists and venues
  • Work with the sponsorship committee to raise sponsorship funding
  • Create program notices and ensure distribution.


Monthly Programs

Chair: Jean Gonsoulin (jean@prsala.org)

Member: Sarah Ingram (SIngram@golinharris.com)

Event-Specific Committees: Each event will have its own dedicated committee

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Develop topics and coordinate monthly chapter events.
  • Conduct outreach and confirm speakers.
  • Work with sponsorship committee to secure event-specific funding.
  • Create program notices and oversee distribution.
  • Work with PR & Marketing committee to promote each event


ConneXions Mixers

Co-Chairs: Shari Mesulam (shari@prsala.org); Charlie Gu (charlie@prsala.org); Angelica Urquijo (angelica@prsala.org)

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Reach out to allied organizations and secure event partnership .
  • Identify potential venues and caterers.
  • Create program notices and oversee distribution.
  • Create multi-venue signage
  • Work with sponsorship committee to secure table-top sponsors/exhibitors and raffle prizes.
  • Work with PR & Marketing committee to promote


Quality Time With PR Minds

Chair: Vicky Lelash, APR (vicky@prsala.org)

Committee:  Kerry Sinclair (kerry@prsala.org); Dawn Wilcox, APR (dwilcox@chla.usc.edu)

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Engage nonprofits and public relations professionals in PRSA-LA’s signature one-day community service event to benefit local nonprofit organizations.
  • Identify and invite nonprofit organizations to participate
  • Recruit PR professionals to volunteer as consultants
  • Work with sponsorship committee to secure funding
  • Work with PR & Marketing committee to promote


Western District Conference 2015

Co-Chairs: Denis Wolcott, APR (denis@prsala.org); Keith Pillow, APR (keith@prsala.org)

Members: Holly Ferris (holly@prsala.org); Sallie Olmstead, APR (sallie@prsala.org)

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Work with Western District team members to develop and coordinate topics and logistics for 2015 PRSA Western District Meeting
  • Secure panelists and venues
  • Work with sponsorship committee to raise event-specific funding