Each year, the Young Professionals (YP) section of PRSA-LA honors an outstanding Young Professional from the greater Los Angeles area at the PRism Awards.


The award was established to honor the memory of Tom Trevett, APR, a tireless worker for the advancement of the profession. A co-founder of the Los Angeles Chapter’s Young Professionals Section – the first in the nation – Tom also served on PRSA’s National Young Professionals Task Force, advising PRSA on national programs to reach out to young professionals. He also served on the Board of Directors for the Los Angeles Chapter and chaired numerous committees during the course of his career. A graduate of Pepperdine University , Tom was accredited by the Society in 1988 at the age of 26, and was a firm believer in the value of the accreditation process.

Tom was one of the many thousands of brilliant young individuals felled at an early age by the AIDS epidemic. Before his death in 1991 at the age of 29, he asked that the cause of his death not be withheld in the hope that even after his passing he could contribute to our understanding of the impact of this disease on society.

Tom is fondly remembered by members of the public relations community. The 2014 Award sponsors are Pollack PR Marketing Group and Cerrell Associates.


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UCLA Extension

All young professionals in the greater Los Angeles area who are employed full-time in public relations, have no more than five years of full-time experience and are in good standing with PRSA-LA are eligible to apply for the award.

Entry Form

DEADLINE TO APPLY — October 21, 2016

Invitation to Apply

All young professionals employed full-time in the public relations profession in the greater Los Angeles area are eligible to apply for the Trevett Award. A “young professional” is defined as having no more than three years of full-time experience. Applicants must be members of the Los Angeles chapter of PRSA.

Selection Process

Applicants must complete the online form.

Judges will review the entries and identify a small number of finalists. These three judges shall be public relations professionals and must represent one university, one corporation/non-profit organization and one agency. All shall be members of PRSA-LA and at least two must be accredited. The Young Professionals Section of PRSA-LA will select judges.

Finalists will be invited by the judges no later than October 15, 2015 to participate in an oral interview to determine the Award recipients.

Judges’ decisions are final and no procedure has been set for any kind of appeal,
except in the case of the deliberation process involving a clear violation of the PRSA Code of Professional Standards. In such a case, should PRSA find a violation of the Code, the Young Professionals Section may choose to appoint a new judge and begin the selection process again.


In addition to the Trevett Award, the first-place honoree and the second-place honoree shall each receive a monetary award. This sum varies depending on contributions from individuals or organizations who choose to contribute to the Award fund. Contributors will be named as sponsors of the Award for gifts of no less than $500. Award presentations will be made by the chairperson of the Young Professionals Section at the PRSA-LA PRisms Awards ceremony.While there are no set limitations on how the prize money shall be used, each recipient is strongly encouraged to use at least some of the money for professional development.


The Trevett Award is unusual in that it carries certain responsibilities for the recipient. These duties are not monitored by any person or body, but in accepting the Award, the recipient is honor-bound to comply with these guidelines:
1. To support the profession with active membership in PRSA as soon as possible.
2. To advance the profession by applying for accreditation as soon as eligible.
3. To contribute to the community through pro bono work, especially for organizations helping society deal with the AIDS epidemic.


Mindy Carson Brundige

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First Place

Karen-SorensonKaren Sorenson

Karen juggles many responsibilities at iolo technologies and her ability to do it with grace and success makes her a natural for the Trevett Award. Karen manages her company’s media campaigns, contributes to the award-winning company newsletter, coordinates press tour travel and serves as the official spokesperson for conferences and user group presentations. With her involvement, iolo technologies has enjoyed a steady stream of awards and media placements. Outside the office, she is actively involved in her church and regularly participates in community service projects including food drives, “Let’s Move California,” Helping Hands community clean-up days, and back-to-school drives.

Second Place

Cynthia-CruzCynthia Cruz

Cynthia is a rising star in the public relations profession.  She started her career at RL Publications, a Hispanic PR agency here in Los Angeles where she worked on such high profile clients as Got Milk? and Fresh and Easy, and in 2012 she was named “Young PR Professional of the Year” by the Hispanic Public Relations Association.  Today, she manages iolo technologies’ overall social media efforts, and is the primary lead for Spanish and Australian media outreach.  In addition to her PR leadership, Cynthia is a co-founder of a local bicycling coalition, which advocates for bicycle infrastructure and safety.

Congratulations to these two very deserving 2012 Trevett Award winners!

2012 Trevett Awards Sponsors:


GCI Health Chandler Chicco 2012
GolinHarris Edelman
Pollack PR Marketing Group


Jade Stevens



Jesse Melgar – First Place

Cynthia Cruz – Second Place



Karen Sorenson – First Place

Cynthia Cruz – Second Place


Kathleen Bush – First Place
Dillon Bianchi – Second Place

Kristin Wood – First Place
Kathleen Bush – Second Place

Constance Farrell – First Place
Matt Meeks – Second Place

Emily Schwartz – First Place
Devon Gebhart – Second Place

Janice Huang – First Place
Linda Skolnick – Second Place

Gesuina Paras – First Place
Phyllis Hu – Second Place

Kate Greenberg – First Place
Angela Wannberg – Second Place

Crystal Borde – First Place
Elisabeth Rosenson – Second Place

Emanuela Cariolagian

Carolin Leach

Holly Taylor

Claudia Canerena

Wendy Jo Maynard

Lissette Flores

Charles L. Green

Trevett Award Application

Applicant Information

Application Questions



Terms and Conditions

If selected, the recipient hereby agrees to:

1. Be honor-bound to carry out the responsibilities identified with the Trevett Award.

2. Work with the Young Professionals Section to help publicize the Award.

By applying for the Award, all applicants hereby agree to abide by all judges’ decisions and to cooperate in the selection process.