Non-profit organizations providing services or programs (except those of an exclusively religious nature such as churches and religious institutions) located throughout PRSA-LA’s chapter area are welcome to apply. This includes organizations registered as a 501(c)3 in the State of California that reside in these areas: Los Angeles County, Santa Barbara County, Ventura County and Kern County.

Please note: You will not be able to save an unfinished form, so please be sure you have all the info and required attachments before starting the form. We recommend creating a document with all the required information on the form and then copying and pasting so you can keep a record of the information you provided.



Submitter Info


Organization Info


PUBLIC RELATIONS Project / Program Summary Briefly outline the public relations objectives you want to achieve.

USE OF FUNDS Describe in general how the grant funds will be used. Include estimated costs if known. (Note: Grants may be used to fund a portion of a project and are not limited to activities that can be funded in full. Worthwhile projects costing less than the anticipated grant amount will also receive full consideration, but will be funded at the project cost.)

PUBLIC RELATIONS BUDGET Provide annual public relations expenditures for the following categories. Exclude overhead, benefits and the value of volunteer contributions.

PUBLIC RELATIONS PROFESSIONAL Provide the name(s) of the PRSA-LA member volunteer who will oversee your PR initiatives. Briefly describe their background or qualifications if you have history working with them. Note: If your organization does not have a PRSA-LA member volunteer to oversee your work, you may still apply. If your organization is selected, the grant committee will recruit a PRSA-LA member to volunteer to oversee your public relations program. The appointment of this individual will be made, if needed, after the grant has been awarded.

FILE UPLOAD INFORMATION The upload fields below accept the following file types: PDF, DOC or DOCx and ZIP. To best preserve your formatting, PDF is recommended



If selected, the grant recipient hereby agrees to:

  1. Use the funds specifically for the purposes outlined in this application under the direction of the professional named, or to notify PRSA-LA in writing prior to disbursement of any funds. PRSA reserves the right to request that grant proceeds be returned if the funds cannot be used for the specified purpose.
  2. Cooperate with PRSA-LA to properly publicize the grant.
  3. Provide PRSA-LA a final report on the program, including the results obtained and samples of materials produced which can be used to promote future grant applications.
  4. Include proper credit in all applicable materials: “Made possible by a grant from the Don Perkins Community Service Fund, Public Relations Society of America, Los Angeles Area Chapter.”
  5. Indemnify PRSA-LA, its officers and directors, from any legal liability related to the program(s) or material(s) produced through the proceeds of the grant, or related to the professional conduct of the designated practitioner, whether work on a paid or volunteer basis.

Applications must be approved by the executive director of the applicant organization and the public relations professional who will oversee the work.