Entry Details

The PRSA-LA PRism Award submission process is 100% online.

  • Simple, easy steps to follow.
  • Easy upload of digital files
  • More time for entry preparation.
  • Secure credit card payment.
  • No postage or delivery charges.
  • Save on paper and supply costs. No binders. No copying

Complete details for preparing entries, including frequently asked questions, are available online at www.prsala.org/PRism/PRism-Awards


FINAL Entry Deadline:  Monday September 2, 2013, entered online by 11:59 PM. No extensions beyond this deadline will be granted.


Who Can Enter

The awards are open to all public relations practitioners who work in the Greater Los Angeles County area, Ventura County and Santa Barbara County or who have completed work for clients based in those areas.  Work must have been completed between July 1, 2012, to June 30, 2013.


How to Enter

All entries must be submitted using the Online PRism Award Entry System at www.PRSALA.org/prismawardsentry. Only entries submitted through the Online PRism Award Entry System will be accepted. No hard copies will be accepted. Frequently Asked Questions and additional help about the entry preparation process can be found online at: https://www.prsala.org/PRism/PRism-Award-FAQs


Entrants may submit an unlimited number of entries. Entries may be submitted in multiple categories as appropriate; each additional category must be entered separately and include a separate entry fee.


Entries become the property of PRSA-LA and will not be returned. Entries are not confidential. PRSA-LA reserves the right to use entries or a reproduction of entries in part or in full at the Prism Awards Show, to promote future PRism Awards and/or to provide a resource of successful programs for educational purposes.


PRSA-LA recommends that you secure approval from your client and/or employer prior to submitting an entry. PRSA-LA accepts all award entries as if permission has been granted. Refunds will not be given and entries will not be disqualified if there is a complaint that an entry was submitted without authorization. Disputes involving clients, employers and submitters must be addressed by the parties. PRSA-LA will not mediate.



Entries will be judged by experienced public relations executives from the PRSA Pittsburgh Chapter. Some categories may not receive awards if the judges determine the entries do not merit recognition. Judges’ decisions are final.


Judging Criteria

Entries will be scored on the following items:

  • Research: use of research (10%)
  • Planning: program outline, audience and budget (10%)
  • Execution: implementation, quality of work, creativity and budget allocation (50%)
  • Results: overall success of the program; quantifiable results will earn higher scores (30%)


Best of Show Award

From the winning entries, the judges will select an award for the coveted Best of Show to recognize the single entry deserving of such recognition.


President’s Award

The organization winning the most PRism Awards will be honored with the President’s Award. In the case of a tie, the total number of Awards of Excellence received by the organization will also be counted to determine the President’s Award winner.



Final Deadline

Entries submitted by 11:59 PM, Pacific Time, Monday, September 2, 2013
PRSA Members    $130
Non-Members        $160


Call for Entries Questions

Contact Eric Moses, Call for Entries Chair, at eric@prsala.org or call (310) 770-6181.


Entry Categories

Strategic Campaigns and Programs

1. Crisis Communications
Campaigns or programs implemented to manage an incident that threatened an organization’s reputation, operations or existence.


2. Reputation/Brand Management
Programs designed to enhance, promote or improve the reputation of an organization with its publics or key elements of its publics, either proactively or in response to an issue, event or market occurrence. Programs can be ongoing or a one-time project.

a.  Corporate/Business

b.  Non-Profit Organizations

c.  Financial or Investor Relations

d.  Corporate Social Responsibility


3. New Product/Service Launch
Campaigns or programs designed to introduce and promote new products or services in the following areas:

a.  Campaigns or Programs, under $50,000 launch budget
b.  Campaigns or Programs, $50,000 to $100,000 launch budget
c.  Campaigns or Programs, $100,000 and more launch budget


4. Ongoing Product or Service Program
Campaigns or programs designed to publicize and promote existing products or services in the following areas:

a.  Consumer
b.  Business-to-Business
c.  Non-Profit


5. Cause-Related Marketing Campaign
Campaigns or programs that promote a brand, business, non-profit, government agency or other organization by linking it with a special cause to advance public understanding of a societal issue or concern.


6. Community Relations
Campaigns or programs that seek to secure engagement, support, cooperation or improved relations with an organization’s community or neighbors.


7. Public Affairs
Includes programs specifically designed to influence public policy and/or affect legislation, regulations, political activities or candidacies — at the local, state or federal government levels — so that the entity funding the program benefits.


8. Public Education
Campaigns or programs conducted by government agencies, non-profit organizations, other groups or their agencies to educate the public about an issue affecting the community.


9. Non-Profit Campaign
Campaigns or programs conducted by non-profit organizations and/or their agencies to promote awareness, generate funding and goodwill.


10. One-Time Media or Special Events
One-time program of limited duration designed to generate awareness with key audiences. Includes product launches, openings, celebrations, premieres, anniversaries, kick-offs or other special observances in the following areas:

a.  Corporate/Brand: under $50,000 budget
b.  Corporate/Brand: $50,000 to $100,000 budget
c.  Corporate/Brand: $100,000 budget or more
d.  Non-Profit: under $25,000 budget
e.  Non-Profit: $25,000 budget or more


11. Internal Communications/Employee Relations
Campaigns or programs developed to improve and facilitate communications within an organization in order to further the organization’s goals.


12. Diversity Communications Program
Campaigns or programs, of any kind, strategically targeted to or on behalf of a diverse community or cultural group.

a.  Corporate/Brand
b.  Associations/Government/Non-Profit Organizations


13. Green/Sustainability Programs
Campaigns or programs demonstrating best practices for the use of sustainable resources or which promote an environmentally conscious program, issue, company or product.

a.  One-Time or Special Event: Corporate/Consumer Brand
b.  One-Time or Special Event: Associations/Government/Non-Profit Organizations
c.  Ongoing: Corporate/Consumer Brand
d.  Ongoing: Associations/Government/Non-Profit Organizations


14. Healthcare Programs
Ongoing public relations programs developed to promote healthcare events, organizations, brands, institutions or issues.

a.  Ongoing Program
b.  One-Time Event
c.  Professional Outreach


15. Entertainment Programs
Ongoing public relations programs that promote entertainment properties in the following categories:

a.  One-Time or Special Event
b.  Ongoing: Organization/Corporate
c.  Personality, Series, Music, Film or DVD


16. Sports Programs
Ongoing public relations programs that promote sports properties in the following categories:

a.  One-Time or Special Event
b.  Ongoing: Organization/Corporate
c.  Athlete, Personality, Team or Property


17. Travel, Tourism, Hospitality Programs
Ongoing public relations programs designed to promote travel, tourism or hospitality including, but not limited to, hotels, resorts, spas, restaurants, institutions, tourism bureaus, airlines, cruise lines, and theme parks.


18. Pro Bono Program
Public relations program or campaign developed and executed at no charge on behalf of a cause or charity organization including a one-time special event.

a.  Services at No Charge
b.  Community Volunteer Program


19. Digital Public Relations Programs (Social Media Campaigns)
Ongoing strategic program utilizing one or more digital platforms or channels such as social media, web sites, landing pages, email, mobile, blog/vlog, webcast, webinar, etc. Submissions should explain why this medium was selected and demonstrate how the campaign strategy, research and execution successfully worked to reach and influence target audiences.


Tactical Programs and Campaigns

20. Digital Public Relations Tactics (Online Communications)
Tactics using social and digital media platforms or channels to communicate, influence, share information, or build brand awareness with constituent groups as part of a public relations campaign.

a.  Podcasts
b.  Websites
c.  Webcasts
d.  Social Media (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, YouTube, etc.)
e.  Smartphone Application
f.  Blogs
g.  Blogger Campaign


21. Press Conferences
One-time events held specifically to announce news to target media about a product, service, issue or organization. A series of events or a multiday effort does not belong in this category. The one-page summary should address logistics, execution and quantifiable measures that demonstrate how the press conference achieved its stated objectives.


22. Writing

a.  News Release
b.  Feature Story
c.  Pitch Letter
d.  Social Media (i.e. writing specifically for online channels including Blogs,
Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
e.  Backgrounder, White Paper or Technical
f.  Speech
g.  Op/Ed


23. Annual Report
Publications that report on an organization’s annual performance.

a.  Corporate
b.  Non-profit Organizations


24. Media/Press Kits
News releases, photographs and other background information compiled for an organization, product or issue.


25. Brochure
Pamphlets, booklets or other small publications designed to inform a target audience about an organization, product, service or issue.


26. Newsletter (Hardcopy or Electronic)
Publications designed, written and published periodically to provide timely information to target audiences while supporting an organization’s overall communications objectives. Submit at least three representative issues.

a.  Corporate
b.  Non-profit Organizations
c.  Government/Association


27. Creative Tactics

a.  Photography
b.  Graphic Illustration
c.  Logo/Identity Design
d.  Video (i.e. PSA, webisodes)
e.  Teaser or Other Collateral
f.  Audio-Visual Presentation/Communications (i.e., PPTs, special DVDs)


28. Media Placement

a.  Broadcast
b.  Print
c.  Online